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Faunagraphic's Personal Sarah Yates Talks To Us About Art! Sarah Yates is one of those artists that could do every little thing, and do almost everything well. Right after my initially evaluate faunagraphic.com I was blown absent on how effectively she dominates the many mediums of artwork. From get the job done as being a Graphic Designer, Illustrator, Photographer & Graffiti Artist, Sarah is firing on all cylinders and I knew we had to get an interview with her to see what makes her tick. So sit back enjoy the interview and feast your eyes on some incredible artwork.When did you very first realize you had a talent and passion for art and what drew you to it? I to start with realized I wanted to take the design/art route when I was in high school and it was my strongest but favorite subject. But I had always drawn from being young but didn't think artwork was good money for relying on like a living�?I'd always been taught to have a finger in numerous pies when it came to get the job done.. I used to collect logos to be a hobby when I was younger, sounds weird but I liked graphic design too so I saw that as the very first most reliable base to build an artwork / illustration career on!Did you get a formal artwork education, and if so where did you go and how do you feel it shaped you as an artist? No I just did artwork in high school, and then studied graphic design at college and university. Them courses are not really arty - more technical, and learning about Print bleed, leading, fonts and layout - the use of imagery came into it but didn't compare to a proper art course. I think learning graphic design shaped my knowledge on marketing myself as an artist �?I have focused more on developing my personal style as an artist since I graduated in 2008.So you are a self-described graphic designer, illustrator, photographer, ralph lauren online and graffiti artist is there certain area of artwork that you enjoy more or do you love them all equally? I honestly appreciate graphic design in certain aspects, and enjoy doing it when working on projects, which I can be freely creative in, but my favorite perform is the illustration and graffiti/spray painting, anything to get me outdoors painting pieces on walls, it's a much more better feeling of achievement than designing something on the computer for me but I guess deep down I love them equally.Are you an artist that needs to be in a particular mood when creating, or can you just design at any time? I think I can draw at any time, but I have to be in certain mood to do a really detailed illustration.. , If it's something like a piece on a wall with spray paint or graffiti letters, it's more of relaxed mood for me.I can usually plan a piece of artwork in a few minutes. Most of my canvas a show is usually done a week before when a new idea clicks, and I usually walk of the house to do a wall not knowing what I'm going to paint, but just taking some ideas or a sketchbook to operate with.What has been your favorite piece that you have done and what did you like most about it? My favorite pieces are the ones in factories; ralph lauren outletI enjoyed finding and looking for the spots, ralph lauren outletchoosing the walls and then painting them. Derelict places are popular in Sheffield and south Yorkshire but they are so interesting to glimpse around.My favorite piece would be some parrots I painted with Rocket01, in some old shower rooms of a steel factory, the pieces can be interpreted in loads of ways, nature can overcome anything or birds aren't meant to be caged type of thing!Who are some artists that inspired you or that you looked up to over the years? I've always liked the do the job of Boris Vallejo, I've have his books since I used to be younger, I had been inspired by SATONE, 123klan, NeckCNS during the "teens" - Miss Van - Tara McPherson, are some of the names I did projects on through school, now I enjoy looking at a lot of peoples work because I am over exposed to loads of different artists!What is the most rewarding part about being an artist? Finishing a piece of function! 2nd most rewarding thing - selling it! 3rd most rewarding thing - getting free food and booze when painting at an event!If someone wanted to hire you for a project are you available and how can they contact you? I am available for projects, and you can contact me through my website, Or email me at E-mail Me!
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